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Drain Cleaner

Blue Eagle Industrial Strength Drain Cleaner is a proven biological solution that opens clogged or slow drains and prevents future problems. Originally designed for heavy use areas such as commercial kitchens, industrial facilities and commercial office buildings; Blue Eagle is 100% safe to use in your home.

Blue Eagle Industrial Strength Drain Cleaner completely eliminates blockage-causing organic material at its source with environmentally safe, naturally-occurring waste eating microbes. Dumped down drains (or in blocked sinks), our microbes go to work immediately and consume the fats, oils, grease and other organics that block lines. What’s left behind is water and carbon dioxide. Then Blue Eagle microbes colonizes the drain lines to provide continuing system protection by creating a preventative bio-shield on the walls of drains and pipes.

Blue Eagle offers a safe-to-use, cost-effective solution for slow or blocked drains wherever they exist. Regular use can eliminate the need for snaking or “rooting” out drain lines.

Blue Eagle is much safer than chemical-based products, Blue Eagle is safe for people, pets, plants and the planet: Your kids could use it. Safely.

Blue Eagle is committed to the health of all of our families and the planet. Our mission is to provide you with products for everyday and emergency cleanup use. We solve cleaning problems with products that are safe, efficient and cost-effective.





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